ONE K Global Festival

Celebrating the 100 anniversary of the March First Independence Movement, ONE-K Global Campaign 2019 aims to spread the unification vision of the Korean Peninsula, that could penetrate the new 100 years, across the world through various campaign programs empathized and supported by global citizens.

Philosophy of March First
Independent Movement
Desire for Constructing
a New Country
Korean Peninsula’s Vision
for Unified Nation
Korean Dream
Motive of March First
Independent Movement
Movement where Citizens
Voluntarily Participated
Design the Public-Participation
Unification Movement by
Utilizing Culture to Keep Up
with the Times
New 100 Years Unification Vision Campaign
for 100 Anniversary of
March First Independent Movement

"New 100 Years Unification Vision Campaign for 100 anniversary of March First Independent Movement"
Past 100 Years, Future 100 Years – New Unification Vision Movement
One K Global Festival 2019
Unification Train
Korean Dream
Unification Train
Art Project

2019 Jeon Soo-cheon’s
‘Moving line drawing’
First Marching
One K
Parade of 1

One K Festival
One K Festival
to Celebrate
Anniversary of
March First
Global Release
of Korean Dream
Documentary Film

One Korea Forum
Future 100 Years
One K Korea
Global Forum

Kim, Hyung-suk
Executive director of 2015 campaign.
New Era Unification Song,
One Dream One Korea’s
Composer & PD
The most recognized Korean Composer.
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Executive directors of 2017 campaign
Global Campaign Song,
Korean Dream’s Composer & PD
The Living Legend of Global Music
Jeon, Soo-Cheon
World-class artist representing South Korea.
Awarded the Special Prize of Venice Biennale (First for Koreans)
'The Best Artist of Korea' Prize
Robert Cannan
Co-director of Documentary
The director of the film “The Lovers and the Despot” that illustrated the kidnapping and escaping story of Choi Eun-hee and Shin Sang-ouk, and highly praised by the NY Times..
Lee, Chang-soo
Co-director of Documentary
Awarded the Broadcasting Image Grand Prix,
Korea UHD Awards.
Korea’s representative producer and co-director of the global documentary film