program 1

One K Online/Offline
March of 1 Million People

We are launching the online/offline parade to support and share the Daehan Reunification Man-se Movement (Korean Dream Movement) and Korean Dream by numerous cities in Korea and abroad through social network. We encourage people to participate in the organizing committee of 3,100 citizens including global citizens, students, and netizens.

프로그램 진행기간
Aug 15 2018 ~ Mar 1 2019

Major contents of the programs
· Daehan Reunification Man-se Support Declaration & Posting Campaign
· Posting on social media by students and organizations
· Celebration of March 1st Movement Day and Reunification Vision Declaration
· Costume Play and Parade celebrating March 1st Movement Day

program 2

Theme Song
Producing K-pop version of Korean Dream

Best musicians at home and abroad participate as One K Stars in producing songs and MVs for global reunification vision to create social issues.

K-pop 버전 음원 제작

Launching of
global music source

One K Stars participating in the projec

Hyung Suk Kim Producer/composer

Director of 2015 campaign
Produced/composed the Unification song One Dream One Korea
Ranking 1st in copyright registration
Korea’s top composer

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Composer

Director of 2017 campaign
Composed and produced the global campaign song Korean Dream
Living legend of global music and godfather of R&B

Kim Eana Lyricist

Wrote 2015 campaign theme song
Wrote unification song One Dream One Korea Wrote ‘Good Day’ of IU and numerous other songs
Korea’s best lyricist with emotional lines and metaphorical expressions

program 3

Music Festival
One K Concert

Held biennially since 2015, the One K concert has been a primary program of One K Global Campaign. The third concert for 2019 will be joined by popular K-Pop artists leading the Korean Wave, singing for peaceful reunification. Along with songs, the concert will be filled with various other performances by the best musicians as One K Stars, taking stock of the significance of the centenary of March 1st Movement and drawing a picture for the upcoming era of reunification.

Content SBS Special Edition One K Concert on the centenary of March 1st Movement
Period / Place March 1 2019 (Fri)
Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul Square, Special Stadium of Yeongdongdaero
Organizing authority Organizing committee of One K Global Campaign
Sponsors Ministry of Unification, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, private companies, etc. (provisional)
Host broadcasters SBS, SBS Plus, SBS funE, SBS MTV


참여 One K 스타
K-pop을 대표하는 탑 아이돌 20여 팀

2015 광복 70주년 One K 콘서트 공연장면

program 4

Korean Dream
Dramatic film documentary

It has been over 70 years since the Korean Peninsula was divided. Living together for over 5,000 years, Koreans are now losing their own ethnicity and identity due to only 70 years of division. Would this inextricable knot of the Korean reunification ever be disentangled? What would the new vision for the reunification of Korea? We plan to find the answer to these questions by gathering our wisdom with the rest of the world at this moment of opening a new era for peaceful unification.

제작 현황 및 계획

  • Established a production committee
  • Creating a synopsis and writing a script

  • Screening unification documentary film

  • Completing coverage and interviews
  • Submitting pieces to international film festivals including Berlin International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival (to be released worldwide through global distributors)

다큐멘터리 제작진


Emmy award-winning project 'The Forger‘ and multiple award-winning 'Charles Bradley: Soul of America' feature length documentary.
"Kids in Love", "Re-introduction", David Beckham // adidas - Capsule Collection Documentary

Changsoo Lee Co-producers

Grand Prix and Korea UHD Award winner, Lee is Korea’s best international documentary producer and director

program 5

Global Peace
Global Peace Convention 2019

The Global Peace Convention is an international convention where leaders from all around the world gather to share ideas and best practices in sustainable development and conflict resolution with the vision of humanity as one family in God. The Convention will be held from Feb. 27 to Mar. 2 in Seoul, Korea, celebrating the 100th year of the March 1st Movement and carrying on its spirit of being united regardless of ideologies and religious sects in a bid to achieve reunification on the Korean Peninsula.
The Convention will serve as an opportunity to ponder on the significance of the March 1st Movement with leaders and scholars from across the world, thereby collecting wisdom to create a new civilization in the 21st Century and build a peaceful global order.

  • Date : Feb. 26, 2019 (Tue) ~ Mar. 2, 2019 (Sat)
  • Venue : Lotte Hotel, areas in Seoul
  • Theme : Sustainable peace and prosperity through new civil movement
  • Organizer : One K Global Campaign Organizing Committee, Global Peace Foundation, Action for Korea United
  • Sponsor : Ministry of Unification, The National Unification Advisory Council, Seoul Metropolitan City

Time table
GPC Korea 2019 Program Time Table
26, Feb 27, Feb 28, Feb 1, March
Global Peace Women Forum Korea Unification Forum Global Peace Leaders Summit One K Art Festival
Global Peace Youth Summit Global Peace Award One K Rally & Concert
Global Peace Education Forum
Religious Freedom Forum

program 6

Art Festival
One K Inter-Korean art exchanges

It will serve as a platform where the essence of art from South and North Korea can be experienced together through the first art exchange since 2002. We plant to hold an art festival that is the exhibition to celebrate peace on the Korean Peninsula and hope for peace in the region and the world as well as to promote people-to-people ties. In particular, the representative pieces of South and North Korean artists will be presented. At In this event jointly organized by the Korean Fine Arts Association, you will see and enjoy the spirit of the March 1st Movement and humanitarianism which was pursued by all Koreans, and Korea’s dream of unification and thus becoming a cultural powerhouse.

Major program
2018 Special Exhibition of North Korea Embroidery
  • First-ever event disclosing the excellent embroidery pieces by North Korean artists whose artistic excellence is well-known to the world
  • As part of the country’s largest art exhibition 
  • Date: Sep 28, 2018 ~ Oct. 7, 2018
  • Venue: Kintex Hall 9 in Goyang-si, Kyunggi-do

2019 Korean Peace Art Festival on 100th anniversary of March 1st Movement
  • Art exhibition and direct exchanges of South and North Korean artists
  • Date: March 14, 2019 ~ March 24, 2019 (Seoul Arts Center (as planned) – Specific date to be resettled)
  • After exhibition in Seoul, it will be held in Pyeongyang in August

Korean Artist Exchanges and Art Tour in North Korea (as planned)
  • Artist exchanges project jointly organized by the Korean Fine Arts Association, including a sketch tour of North Korea by South Korean artists

Founded in 1961, it has around 160 branch offices at home and abroad with 40,000 members from around the world. It is a leading association of Korean fine arts, which spreads the excellence of Korean art to the rest of the world by engaging in various exchanges with arts associations of the world.

program 7

Art Festival
One K Pop Art Mural Paintings of 100 years of history

It is a public art project launched in collaboration with PopnPop Entertainment, in which young Korean pop artists paint a mural on 100 years of Korean history containing the March 1st Movement, Japanese imperialism, Haebang(???) space, the Korean War, and the tragedy of separation, etc. together with the citizens. Major images of the contemporary history will be made into art pieces. Five pieces will be painted over one after another on one canvas and exhibited in relay, which, as a volatile work, will promote social attention.

Major program
Public Art Project on Yeouido’s New Building Barricade
  • Date : Oct 2018 ~ Mar 2019
  • Venue : Yeouido’s New Building Barricade
  • Theme: Pop Art public mural

One K 100 years of history
1. March 1st Movement – Independence of Korea
2. Haebang (liberation) space
3. Korean war
4. Division of the Peninsula
5. Daehan Reunification Man-se

Pop n Pop ENT
A creative company that plans, produces, and supports various cultural contents including exhibition and festival of pop art, collaboration, and pop artist management, established by 30 young Korean artists such as Charles Jang, Seo Miji, DELOS, etc.