‘Korean Dream’ Sound Source Release Showcase and Press Conference

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▲ Dami Im, Jung Dong Ha and VOISPER sang ‘Korean Dream’ at the ‘Korean Dream’ Sound Source Release Press Conference held at the Iiji Art Hall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 14.

World Simultaneous Release of Sound Source on the National Liberation Day 

Participated by Global singers from Korea, US, Australia, Philippines.
Waged a global campaign with the profit of the sound source. 

The showcase included performances by Jung Dong Ha who is a former vocalist of Boohwal, a Korean rock band and musical actor, Korean-Australian singer Dami Im, the first Asian champion of the X Factor Australia and the runner-up of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, and VOISPER, a rookie group from ‘Super Star K 6’.


Jung Dong Ha said, “Since the first time I received this proposal, my heart was full”. “I hope the world to become a place where everyone lives in pursuit of happiness. Unification is a must for such a world. I hope my song helps the stability of the Korean Peninsula”, he added. 

In terms of effort to be made for peaceful unification, he stressed that the most needed first step is to abandon the prejudice against the South and North. 

Visiting Korea from Australia a day before the showcase, Dami Im told, “as the international interest in Korea is increasing recently, I received a lot of questions about Korea. So, I hope that my song could help a little bit to bring peace on the Korean Peninsula.” Saying that her grandfather is from North Korea, she added, “my parents were happy about me becoming a singer in Australia and Europe, etc., but when they heard I was going to participate in the unification campaign in South Korea, they liked and cheered me up even more.” “I think music has a power to send what can hardly be expressed via conversations to people from the heart and to move people’s minds. Everything begins to happen with moving people’s minds. While the unification issue is very complicated and sensitive, music would be a great help”, she said. 

Jeong Dae-kwang and Kim Kang-san of VOISPER, a rookie group, told, “We are very pleased to join such a meaningful project with wonderful singers and will do our best.” 


The sound source of ‘Korean Dream’ has been written and produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, the 6-time Grammy winners who produced the music albums for global pop stars such as Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey. In addition to singers at the showcase, American pop singers, Peabo Bryson and Lauren Evans, and Philippine singers Edray Leona P. Teodoro, Sabrina Orial, and Zendee Rose Tenerefe also participated in the song production.

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