Korean Dream, resonating at Toward Peace 2017

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The GPF and AKU held a PR event to promote the ONE K Global Campaign in front of the Seoul Station Plaza.


▲ Staff of Booths of ‘One Dream One Korea One World’ Tattoo Sticker Sharing and Comment Event for ‘Korean Dream’ Music Video via QR Code.

Along with the Action for Korea United (a civil society unification solidarity), the Global Peace Foundation Korea (GPF Korea) participated in the ‘Toward Peace 2017 (former Unification Expo)’ held at the Seoul Station Plaza from the 13th. 

In experience booths installed by the two foundations, the sound sources and the music video of songs such as ‘ONE Dream One Korea’ (written by Hyung-suk Kim), ‘One Dream’ (sung by Insooni) and ‘Korean Dream’ (produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) produced under the theme of ‘ONE K Global Campaign’ were played. Senior citizens as well as adolescents and foreigners visited the booths with curiosity to look around the still photos of K-pop stars recording the songs.    

On that day, the booth staff promoted the sound source and music video of ‘Korean Dream’ released this year by putting tattoo stickers with the phrase of ‘One Dream One Korea One World’ on them to visitors and through a social media event using a QR code. In addition, they introduced the purpose of ‘ONE K Global Campaign’ and had an opportunity to share the ‘Korean Dream’, the Korean Peninsula’s unification vision.  

ONE K Global Campaign is a citizen-led unification movement designed to share the aspiration for unification on the Korean Peninsula with the world via music, a cultural content, and draw voluntary participation and support from the world.

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▲ Voluntary workers and GPY (Global Peace Youth) staff participating in the operation of ONE K Global Campaign’ Booths for three days from the 13th (Fri) to 15th (Sun).

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