What We Do

The Korean Peninsula - the one and only divided country on Earth.

North Korea's nuclear threat and the conflicts over the Korean Peninsula are considered obstacles to the peace and prosperity of the world. There have long been various solutions and efforts by the international community and between each country. However, what kind of thoughts and dreams do we have as the owners of the Korean Peninsula and the direct party to such peace and conflicts?

We believe that the unification of the Korean Peninsula is the only solution to end the conflicts occurring so far and spread the light of peace beginning on the Korean peninsula to the world, and it is the historical mission (destiny) that we must solve on our own. And, we named this "Korean Dream" to realize the ideals of "Hongik Ingan (humanitarianism)" which contains the vision of unified Korea, spirit and identity of the Korean people.

The ONE K Global Campaign is designed to form a national consensus and expand the global support by spreading the “Korean Dream” through the power of culture.

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